ViraVinyasa is a Yoga Alliance approved Yoga School that offers more than any other program in the west, including systematically structured lectures to optimize learning. ViraVinyasa is a School of Yoga built to spread yogic knowledge accessible to all no matter, race, ideology, gender, creed, or cast.  This is more than a teacher training. But a movement aimed to create noise, a voice for these teachings, a vibration that’s needed now more than ever. Feeding a hunger for those digging deeper. Uncovering the sheath to our sprit, our true selves.  


ViraVinyasa teachers are individuals who love yoga and are ready to immerse themselves in practice.  


ViraVinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is built to supply tools to aid life building skills. ViraVinyasa stands apart from ordinary programs run by teacher training factories.   We ARE NOT producing robotic “Certified Instructors” who have no sensitivity towards the beauty of Yoga or its life-changing abilities. Our aim is to provide a foundation for teachers who live Yoga and not just preach it. Our goal is to be a school of yoga in the west that’s respected internationally.


Students over Styles 


In this program, we will give you the confidence to teach to all demographics to best aid your students rather than to prescribe dogmatic policies. ViraVinyasa teachers have a trauma-informed base to work with special audiences. They also utilize successful strategies to thrive in all teaching settings. ViraVinyasa merges Krishnamacharya’s most popular linages into a Modern Vinyasa paradigm.  With Iyengar’s alignment and precision coupled with the power of the Ashtanga method’s moving meditation, we create a bio-mechanically efficient system to provide optimal growth, minimizing possibilities of injury to ourselves and to our students. What sets us apart from other “smart flow” programs is that our philosophies and strategies are traditional and have been in practice for decades, and in some cases centuries. ViraVinyasa is rooted in schools of yoga rather than fitness fads.


What to Expect


Traditional eastern discipline, lifestyle improvements, and the inspiration to step out of your comfort zone.  Anticipate puddles of sweat, tears, over coming fears, glowing faces, and a community dedicated to helping you grow. This is a space for transformation, a space for those seeking more. 


Please understand that we expect you to be sincere, humble, disciplined and hard-working when you work with us.  This program is by no means a way of ego-gratification. In fact, no learning ever is.


There are cute and diluted teacher trainings as far as the eye can see here in America. This is about purity and potency. This is a School of Yoga built for the lifelong practitioners.


This program will:  

  • Help you to think beyond the physical and follow the true spirit of Yoga.
  • Allow efficacious connection and attention to each practitioner. Which is seldom found in conveyor belt trainings.
  • Dissect our understanding of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Ashtanga 8 Limbs, Kosha Philosophy, and Kundalini Chakra's.  
  • Offer an axiology of skills, not just postures/asanas, but numerous other tools required by a teacher and life long practioner
  • Provide teaching-oriented communication skills
  • Help you find clarity about your practice
  • Give you peace of mind through yoga and meditation techniques.
  • Motivate you to develop a strong and dedicated self-practice.
  • Enhance your memory, improve your health, patience and overall confidence.
  • Introduce you to new avenues of health, lifestyle, and practices.
  • Help you feel and look more energetic and youthful.

You will have 

  • Daily Lectures (Anatomy, Philosophy, History, Sequencing strategies, Hands-on Assists, etc.)
  • Live practice teaching opportunities
  • Regular “check-ins” and feedback to optimize growth
  • Vinyasa Flow classes
  • Restorative classes 
  • Traditional Classes (Ashtanaga & Iyengar)
  • Daily Mindfulness & Meditation Practices  
  • Weekly homework assignments and quizzes.
  • a growing Facebook group to connect with other members and alumni
  • Mentorship after training 
  • A Yoga Family

2024 Trainings


March 1st -  May 19th

Friday 5:30pm- 9:30pm

Saturday 8am-4pm

Sunday 1pm-9pm



October 4th - December 15th

Friday 5:30pm- 9:30pm

Saturday 8am-4pm

Sunday 1pm-9pm

Tuition options

Discounts for those who pay in full

Payment Plans

Scholarship Opportunities



None. Just an open cup to fill with new knowledge, an appreciation of subtlety, and a sense of humor.