Our Mission

Our mission is to be an honest, loving, and supportive School of Yoga that strives for a higher standard of Yoga in the west. ViraVinyasa teachers create an environment where students can authentically be themselves while exploring classical philosophy in a modern paradigm. When attending a ViraVinyasa class, expect a variety of grounded sequences that are bio-mechanically influenced to be challenging both mentally and physically. Heavily influenced by Iyengar Hatha, and Ashtanaga Vinyasa. ViraVinyasa teachers have a strong passion to bring light to traditional styles while threading modern sequencing strategies that are accessible to all audiences. ViraVinyasa teachers have a Trauma informed base to work with special audience accompanied by successful strategies to thrive in all teaching settings. ViraVinyasa intends to influence students towards a seated meditation rooted in Buddhist practices. ViraVinyasa creates physical and mental benefits through breath, movement, and shapes that help students find their true essence, their authentic selves.