To be an honest, loving, and supportive instructor who strives for a higher standard of Yoga in the west. ViraVinyasa teachers create an environment where students can authentically be themselves while exploring classical philosophy in a modern paradigm. ViraVinyasa teachers have trauma-informed training and utilize successful strategies to work with special audiences and thrive in all teaching settings.  The ViraVinyasa method creates physical and mental benefits through breath, movement, and shapes to help students find their true essence, their authentic selves. 

trainers with experience

At ViraVinyasa, we strive to provide the highest quality Vinyasa training delivered by the most knowledgeable yoga instructors in the region. 

Become a Yoga Instructor

Whether you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher or simply want to cultivate a stronger personal yoga practice, ViraVinyasa is dedicated to helping you get there. Our nationally recognized vinyasa training program through Yoga Alliance offers curriculum focusing on alignment, philosophy, teaching techniques, and practicum.This training is 1000 hours condensed into a digestible 200hr curriculum. ViraVinyasa is a Yoga Alliance approved Yoga School that offers more than any other program in the west.